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Largage parachutiste depuis hélicoptères, Hautes Alpes


Saint Crépin Airbase

From 12 years old

1.40 m min. / 90 kg max.

Adrenaline & Panorama

From 489€


Looking for something new and unusual to do? Savoie Hélicoptères gives you the opportunity to try skydiving from a helicopter. Surprise yourself, your friends or your associates by participating in the implementation of this new concept: we'll include you to the development of our offer by providing you with an aircraft and highly trained pilots. You'll benefit from a professional and safe context to go through this experience.

Start planning your next skydiving sessions now and contact Savoie Hélicoptères' team. Savoie Hélicoptères is the only company in France offering parachute jumping from an altitude of 7000 m asl (23 000 ft.) 

sauter en parachute d'un hélicoptère


You are a private customer and you'd like to make a gift to yourself with an exceptional parachute jump in an extraordinary setting? Skydiving from a helicopter is a memorable experience, even for an expert parachutist!

This parachute jump can also be an opportunity to realize your very first flight aboard a helicopter. In partnership with a skydiving school, we are ready to offer you a unique experience.  

Experience real thrill near the Mont-Blanc massif. 

Try tandem skydiving, or skydive autonomously.

Savoie Hélicoptères and its partner welcome you in Marnaz, Haute-Savoie and in Saint Crépin, Hautes-Alpes.


  • Briefing : A 15 minute explanation of the different stages of a jump: freefall, parachute opening, and landing with a certified skydiving instructor.  

  • Ascent and jump at 4000 m asl.

  • Duration of the freefall : 50 seconds at 200 km/h

  • Duration of the flight with parachute : 5 to 6 minutes to enjoy scenic views of the Mont-blanc massif.

Saut en parachute depuis un hélico
Parachutisme en Haute-Savoie


  • Who can skydive from a helicopter?

    • People from 12 years old - min size: 1,40m - min weight: 45 kg. Parental consent required for passengers under 18.  

    • Maximum size: 2 m and 90 kg (contact us if you don't fit in those criteria).

  • Number of participants :

    • max 2 participants simultaneously for tandem skydiving with a certified instructor.

    • max 4 autonomous participants.

  • Sports outfit (with sneakers) recommended. Clothes adapted to the season.

  • Compulsory : medical certificate for passengers under 18 and over 60 years old.

  • Contraindications : hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, asthma and epilepsy.

  • Proscribed people:

    • pregnant women

    • people in an inebriated state

  • The skydiving session can be postponed in case of bad weather conditions. 

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