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Secours en hélicoptère en stations de ski, Hautes Alpes


Since the beginning of December 2023, Savoie Hélicoptères has been providing piste rescue services in Hautes Alpes resorts such as Vars and Risoul.


One of our AS350 B3e Ecureuil helicopters is now equipped with a stretcher for transporting an injured person, as well as the pilot and flight assistant.


Unlike the SAMU, the airfield rescues we carry out are for victims of non-emergency accidents.


The helicopter is able to intervene in less than 15 minutes in most cases. On-slope rescue missions are varied: skiing accidents, snowboarding accidents, etc.


Savoie Hélicoptères attaches great importance to passenger and crew safety. That's why we have trained and experienced personnel, and a helicopter in perfect working order.

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