Flight School

Become a pilot

Savoie Hélicoptères is an approved training organization since 2016 (FR.ATO.0254) for the PPL(H) private pilot licence.
This training is offered on Cabri G2, R44 and Ecureuil, as well as QT (type qualification).

The 1st step before starting: the flight initiation to piloting.

5 things to know before you start:
– Physical fitness is required but no need to have 10/10 in both eyes or an outstanding physical condition.
– A training course takes place over a year at the rate of one flight per week.
– A regularity of flight is preferable.
– A good level of mathematics is not necessary.
– The training is open to all, from young people (17 years old) to older people.
– Seriousness does not prevent a good mood

Supervised Flight

Savoie Hélicoptères offers supervised flight packages to all helicopter pilots who are unable or uneasy flying alone. Our certified pilots can be trusted to safely oversee your flight and assist you when necessary.
Please contact our team of professionals to start planning your flight.

Helicopter Type Rating

Since July 2016, our pilots are able to realize the TR (Type Rating) on ​​the R44 and Cabri machines. Indeed, Savoie Helicopters is now an approved training organization (FR.ATO.0254). So you can expand your knowledge in piloting new machines, to discover new sensations.

More informations by contacting the base of Marnaz: +33(0)4 50 47 25 30